Basic Stance and Structure of Community Activities

The community activities of the Advantest Group focus on "preserving the global environment," "developing the next generation," and "contributing to local communities" under our basic policy of "We will respect our stakeholders, promote harmony with society, and contribute to the SDGs in order to achieve a sustainable society" within the "ESG for Sustainability" established in July 2019.
In addition, we use our business activities to meet the needs of our stakeholders and of society, and to fulfill our social responsibilities as a group throughout the world.

Academic Support and Next-generation Development Support

Enabling Leading-Edge Technologies: the business activities of Advantest are supported by the skills of many engineers from around the world and the understanding of the communities in which we operate. With this, Advantest supports academia and science education, mainly in regions that host our research and development sites, to contribute toward the development of human resources for science and technology. For example, in Japan, we have established "The Advantest D2T Research Division" at the Tokyo University Systems Design Lab (d.lab), to provide students in Japan studying design technology of very large scale integration (VLSI) with an integrated education environment from VLSI design to testing, with the aim of developing specialist in test design and supporting research activities for SoC (System on Chip) design. Advantest also makes efforts to promote mutual understanding and exchange between international students and Japanese society, etc. through supporting (by making donations to) the Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students with the aim of supporting students from around the world studying in Japan. We also are continuing our community-based activities such as holding science craft classes for children in elementary schools near our Japan business bases, and hosting "Girl’s Day" workplace experiences by inviting German female students interested in electronics to our offices.

Humanitarian Support

Advantest has been involved with many social support and charitable activities around the world for many years, rooted in "The Advantest Way."
In 2022, when the disruptive effects of the war in Ukraine intensified, we donated a total of JPY 90 million to UNICEF and four other domestic and international organizations as crisis relief efforts aiding people afflicted by  difficult situations. In addition to these donations, our German subsidiary has set up an in-house "Ukraine Task Force Team," which is carrying out volunteer activities such as providing accommodation, clothes, and hygiene-related goods to refugees from Ukraine via local aid organizations in Europe.
Advantest also supports victims of major disasters. Furthermore, Advantest continues to engage in charitable activities in accordance with local needs at our global business sites to support disabled people, refugees, and people facing economic hardships.

Promotional Structure

Advantest promotes ESG activities under the Sustainable Management Promotion Working Group (SMWG), a company-wide organization.
For community activities, we have formed team members to promote SDG activities at eight global locations, who work together with the Sustainability Promotion Office. In addition, discussions on community activities are held in both Japanese and English at the SMWG's Global ESG Meetings held twice a year.


Framework to promote employee participation

The Advantest Group actively advocates for employee participation in volunteer activities.
Volunteer activities for giving back to the community recruit participants through systems such as an intranet message board. Reports on activities in each region are also published in our internal newsletter and social media (My LIFE. ON.), which contributes to attracting new participants.
Employees can save up their unused paid holidays that would otherwise not be carried over to the next year and use them for volunteer activities.

For details on My LIFE. ON., please refer to "Global Educational Activities on Our Internal Social Networking Platform "My LIFE. ON."" (Environmental Education page).