Human Rights Policy

Advantest Group Human Rights Policy

The Advantest Group contributes to humanity's safe, secure and comfortable existence by "Enabling Leading-edge Technologies." We recognize that the human rights of all the people we touch must be protected in our global business activities. This is stipulated in "The Advantest Way," the Advantest Group's code of ethics, and this Advantest Group Human Rights Policy (hereinafter "this policy") expresses the Advantest Group's responsibility to respect human rights, based on "The Advantest Way."

Respect for international norms
We support and respect international human rights standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the International Code of Human Rights, and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We promote respect for human rights based on the UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
Responsibility to respect human rights
We will implement appropriate measures to prevent / mitigate any negative impacts on human rights from our business activities, or implement remedies should it become clear that we have contributed to negative impacts. We will fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.
Scope of application
This policy applies to Advantest Group officers and all employees (including full-time employees, contract employees, and dispatched employees). In addition, if a negative impact on human rights caused by a supplier, employees of an outsourcing partner, other business partners, or related parties, is directly linked to the business activities of the Advantest Group, we will take measures to prevent infringement of human rights based on dialogue and consultation with the other party.
Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
The Advantest Group complies with the laws and regulations of the countries or regions in which we operate. In countries and regions where there are discrepancies between laws and international norms, we consider local laws and regulations insofar as possible. We promote efforts to respect international norms regarding human rights.
Human rights due diligence
We will continue to build and implement due diligence mechanisms for human rights to address any apparent or potential negative impact of our business activities on human rights.
We continuously promote appropriate education to raise awareness of human rights among officers and all employees so that this policy and our human rights due diligence are understood and effectively implemented throughout our business activities.
Disclosure of information
We report on the status of our human rights activities and impact on our corporate website and in our Integrated Annual Report, based on this policy.
Dialogue / discussion
We will appropriately implement top-priority issues related to human rights as the separately defined "Advantest Group Priority Issues Related to Human Rights," based on this policy. We understand that these priority issues need to be reviewed as appropriate to reflect changes in social and business trends.

July 1, 2021
Yoshiaki Yoshida
Representative Director, President & CEO