Test Packages

Test Packages

Advantest offers various conformance packages based on either leading North America operators’ test plans or generic as applicable to all customers. The test packages cover LTE (CAT-M1, NB-IoT, CAT 0+), 5G NR NSA and 5G NR SA technologies. If the test package requires a network simulation, it will be complemented by MLT platform. Additionally, if the test package requires an application server such as FTP, SIM OTA server, or IMS server, it will be included as well.

MLT enables Operator Conformance Test capabilities enables via easy-to-use developer test executive, namely the QuiNS™ platform. QuiNS™ allows users to execute end to end test scenarios and provides detail network logs, debug logs, summary reports and analytics capabilities. The unified viewer facilitates log analysis, resulting in enhanced testing efficiencies and more effective troubleshooting. Also, the UE automation choices include AT Commands, ADB for Android, Batch file for proprietary control, and TCP/IP communication.

Some sample test areas are:

DATA RETRY, this one is designed to protect operator network from device-initiated rogue attacks. Test cases check that the device follows an appropriate back off algorithm every time the network responds with error codes.

VOICE SERVICE FALLBACK verifies if the device conforms to voice calls using the alternate fallback technique when the preferred network does not allow call completion. When the network rejects the UE with different error codes, the device should look for a back-up system and complete the call.

SYSTEM SELECTION AND MOBILITY verifies if the devices acquire the most optimum system upon power up and re-select to the most preferred system when idling on the less preferred system. This test plan specifies the real-life conditions observed by the operator.

Carrier Aggregation is very critical for operators as it provides an extensible way to increase performance matrix. Advantest offers a turn-key solution to verify Carrier Aggregation and MIMO features supported by devices.

Feature Support

  • High end devices support countless combinations of Carrier Aggregation [Need to support multiple bands]
  • Each carrier may be configured for different MIMO options [Need support for various MIMO configurations such as 2x2, 4x4 etc.]
  • Devices support multiple technologies [Need support for LTE, LTE NR SA, NR SA etc.]
  • System works in two modes of execution,
    • Interactive
    • Advanced
  • Switch network configuration from one CA combination to another with RRC reconfiguration, measurement report-based trigger or complete re-initialization
  • System supports LTE, 5G NSA (including DSS) and 5G SA

Multi-Device Control Test Tool is designed to verify seamless inter-operability of the test devices within a chamber (or live network environment). The tool can host up to 64 devices (with 8 devices per server) execute desired test cases and generate test reports. Additionally, the tool comes with an intuitive onboarding procedure, UE dashboard, for an all-in-one view of all available devices.


  • Up to 8 devices connected to the server
  • Connected either via regular USB hub, or via Smart USB hub, however no automation is implemented for Smart USB hub
  • Both server and client runs on Windows 10
  • One client connects to multiple servers, and they all are networked using switch
  • The software supports both Windows GUI and CLI modes for client. There is no UI for servers

The GUI has the following features

  • Multi-Server management
  • Multi-Device management
  • Test Execution & Reporting