Human Resources Basic Philosophy

Advantest respects employees, who are valuable assets to the company, and evaluates them fairly. Advantest is supporting the diverse lifestyles of employees as well as the growth of individual employees so that they grow together with the Company. Advantest established the human resources basic philosophy in September 2000 to protect these valuable assets and enhance their value, and is implementing various human resources measures, such as ensuring fairness and consent and actively supporting human resources development.

Advantest also supports the United Nations Global Compact 10 Principles, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and is paying adequate attention to these principles of human rights and labor in its business activities.

Advantest's Human Resources Basic Philosophy

Regarding its employees as valuable management resources (assets), Advantest has formulated the following policies for implementing various human resources measures and has been making continuous efforts to achieve them.

  1. Performance-based personnel system

    Advantest will promote a personnel system where employees who overcome difficulties and achieve innovative results by challenging themselves are highly evaluated and fairly treated.

  2. Fairness and consent

    Advantest will ensure that all its policies and systems are objectively fair and gain consent from employees, so that the maximum and optimal results can be achieved with these policies and systems.

  3. Active support for human resources development

    Advantest will actively support employees who make continuous efforts to refine their skills, acquire greater expertise, and broaden their knowledge.