Promotion of Occupational Safety and Health

Advantest Group Health and Safety Policy

Advantest Group recognizes that Health and Safety (H&S) is one of the important aspects of our business operation. This policy is set forth to ensure every Advantest employee's Health and Safety.

  • 1. Health and Safety First
    We will make H&S as the first priority for employees in all Advantest operation groups.
  • 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    Aim to achieve compliance with legal requirements through good occupational health and safety performance.
  • 3. Regular Review of Health and Safety Compliance
    To support this policy, we will provide employees with an annual activity plan which will address every business location's H&S regulations through management support.
  • 4. Education and Training
    Ensure that employees receive appropriate training, and are competent to carry out their designated responsibilities.
  • 5. Disclosure of Health and Safety
    To raise awareness, we will announce our H&S information to all employees publicly.

Promotional System

At Advantest, every year we convene the "Health and Safety Committee Meeting" which decides the health and safety direction and policy for the whole group. The approach to health and safety is based on the main activity themes decided on at this meeting, upon which the health and safety committees at each location set their annual targets and plans.
We also regularly hold health and safety committee secretariat meetings throughout the company, and strengthen each location's health and safety activities through this sharing of information about relevant activities.
Japan’s company-wide Health and Safety Committee is made up of the heads of the Health and Safety Committees at each business location, which are officers and presidents of domestic Group companies. Furthermore, the Health and Safety Committees at each business location are composed mostly of representatives of both the company and union employed at the business location.

Organization of Health and Safety Management (Japan)

Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Activities

Fiscal 2021

In FY2021, we achieved the frequency rate of zero accidents, as we did in FY2020. Safety assessments for our domestic business sites were also conducted by external organizations, which contributed to the reduction of our hazard risks.

Fiscal 2022

For FY2022, we will continue our safety awareness initiatives with a greater focus on safety. We will establish an occupational safety and health management system at the Gunma Factory aiming to acquire the ISO 45001 certification.

Occupational accident rate in Japan (frequency rate*)

* Frequency rate: Number of injuries or deaths due to labor accidents per one million of actual total working hours

* Boundary of data: Advantest Group (non-consolidated)

* From FY2019, the data includes temporary employees.

There have been no fatalities in operations in the last five years.
In addition, the rate of occupational accidents (frequency) was 0.4 for FY2021 when including both domestic and overseas Group companies.

Implementation of fire extinguisher training at overseas bases

Advantest Test Solutions, Inc. invited the local fire department staff where we received instructions and hands on training on how to properly operate a fire extinguisher in case of a fire as well as guidance on fire prevention. Disaster prevention drills are conducted every year at each business site in Japan pursuant to laws and regulations, upon notification to the local fire departments.

Occupational Health and Safety Education

The Advantest Group regularly conducts occupational health and safety education and strives to build a safe workplace where everyone can work with peace of mind by preventing occupational accidents before they happen and raising awareness about occupational health and safety. E-learning has been incorporated to some areas of Advantest's unique health and safety education. We will strive towards further participation from employees.

Occupational health and safety results achieved in fiscal 2021

Education category Target employees Number of trainees (Total) Hours of education
General education Managers, General employees 4,870 2,600
Specialized education Managers, General employees 1,136 3,167