Change Kit

Device Interface

Change kits allow a single handler to support a variety of IC packaging.

This custom-designed, swappable tool (change kit), which is part of the handler, is for the customer whose devices come in an array of shapes and sizes. It allows a handler to be used flexibly with a variety of devices, instead of having to be dedicated to one specific device type.

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DCC Change Kit (Device Carrier Change)

A key aspect of this change kit is its insert, which provides support for packages of a variety of shapes. It represents a major advance in component standardization, and helps minimize the number of products needed for swapping DUTs. In this way, it contributes to reduction of running costs.

Recycle Change Kit

ADVANTEST offers its customers consulting support: Specialized engineers can help customers reuse existing change kit assets effectively, aligning their schedule with the timing of device swaps, and studying issues in detail.

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    Insert Body

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    Device Carrier