MASK MVM-SEM® E3600 series


Amid the progress of multiple-exposure technology, and the development of finer-pitch and more complicated circuits, as well as increases in the number of masks and the number of measurement points on each mask, the size of wiring patterns formed on photomasks needs to be measured and evaluated stably with high precision. Advantest's E3600 series meets the needs of state-of-the-art devices with high measurement repeatability and stable throughput.

Multidimensional observation and measurement SEM supporting photomasks at sub-10 nm nodes

The E3650 using Advantest's proprietary electron beam scanning technology, the new tool measures fine pattern dimensions on photomasks with higher precision and stability.The E3650 is the newest entry in the company's E3600 series, which has been widely accepted in the photomask SEM market. It enables measurement throughput to be doubled compared with the existing model, the E3640. E3650's higher throughput enables massive measurement required by more complex patterning and increased number of masks due to multiple patterning. In addition to leading-edge photomasks, the new tool also demonstrates superior performance when measuring EUV masks and master templates for nanoimprint applications.

  • MAM Time, Measurement Precision Greatly Improved (MAM Time : Move Acquire Measure Time)
  • Large Field Measurement
  • Improved Long-Term Stability of CD Measurements
  • DBM (Design Based Metrology) Support
  • 3D Observation
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