Application Pharmaceutical: Crystalline/Amorphous Analysis

Analysis of crystal polymorphism

THz spectroscopy has many applications in the development of various healthcare products. Absorption in the THz frequency range is sensitive to crystal lattice vibrations. These absorptions provide a characteristic spectrum of the crystal forms, thus enabling a new method for analyzing polymorphs.

Example of transmission measurement of crystal polymorph with THz waves(*1), (*2)

Compound A(*3) has a crystal polymorph that is difficult to distinguish by a PXRD analysis. Using THz spectroscopy, the crystal forms of a medicinal product can be determined and monitored in seconds.


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*3 Provided by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.



Using a TAS7500 system to observe the crystallization process of non-crystalline indomethacin (100%) over a 10-day period, the phase transition into the γ-crystalline form is confirmed.