Temperature and Pressure Unit


Advanced automobiles are required to have improved environmental and safety performance, and are also expected to be connected to the IoT through connected car and autonomous car technology.

The HA7200 enables these improvements by providing high-speed, high-accuracy temperature and pressure test for automotive sensor R&D and production. Advantest's proprietary temperature control technology delivers an optimized test solution for high-spec pressure sensors across a broad range of temperatures, in the automotive industry and beyond.

Combined with a test handler and Advantest's EVA100 measurement system, the HA7200 anchors a sensor test cell system that provides an easy-to-use test environment covering all stages of product development, from design evaluation to mass production.

Direct Temperature Control, Small Chamber

  • Direct temperature control technology allows test temperatures to be stabilized rapidly.
  • Small chamber allows for rapid pressure stabilization.

Test Cell Concept

  • By connecting the HA7200 and the EVA100 measurement system with a handler, users can quickly convert their evaluation test environment for mass production, enabling quick production ramps.
  • One small-scale system configuration can test all kinds of sensors, minimizing the cost of production changes.