Test Handler


Achieves excellent temperature accuracy with a small footprint

The M4872 features Advantest's Active Thermal Control function*, which controls the test temperature with high accuracy even when testing high-end processors and other high-heat-generating devices. Additionally, it inherits the configuration of the M4871, with 10 automatic stockers that enable highly precise device sorting, while delivering a 10% reduction in footprint.

The M4872 is highly scalable and can be connected to Advantest's test systems, making it an ideal handler for development, high-mix low-volume production, and mass production.

* optional

Active Thermal Control

Supports the measurement of high-heat-generating devices by controlling the temperature to within 1º C across the operating range of -40ºC to 125ºC.

High and individual insertion force

Supports the high insertion force required for high-end processors with thousands of pins.
For bare die packages, individual insertion force enables separation of the die area and other areas to prevent cracks in the die.

Automatic re-inspection function

Devices that are determined to be defective are automatically transported to the loader stocker for re-inspection. This reduces retest time by more than 20% and improves test productivity by more than 25%, compared to times required for manual intervention by an operator.