Test Handler


Optimal Test Handler for Mass-Production DRAM, with Double the Throughput

General-purpose DRAM is being used not only as the main memory in computers, but also for the storage of digital information in electronic products such as flat-screen televisions, DVD hard disk recorders, digital cameras and mobile phones. It is expected that demand will continue to rise sharply as new consumer-driven market populations expand. Along with this growth however, falling computer and consumer electronics prices are leading to increased pricing pressures on manufacturers of memory devices. This in turn is creating a very competitive environment. To combat this trend, DRAM manufacturers have long been pressing for a test solution that cuts the cost of test for high-volume DRAM production, and ADVANTEST's new M6242 Test Handler paves the way for wide cost reductions in device testing by offering a higher throughput of 42,200 devices per hour.

Industry's highest throughput of 42,200UPH

The M6242 supports memory device package types such as BGA and CSP, and its throughput of 42,200 units per hour is more than double that of the company's previous model, M6241. It offers highly efficient device transfer, thanks to optimization of the complex arm mechanisms that sort good and bad devices after testing. The M6242 enhances productivity and slashes overall cost of test.

Improved temperature control mechanisms

The M6242 enables more precise temperature control, following optimization of mechanisms in the temperature stabilization chamber. Temperature stability improvements mean that precision of the new M6242 surpasses that of its predecessor by 25%, with an accuracy of ±1.5°C when set at -10°C to 100°C, resulting in higher overall yields.

Greatly enhanced operability

Designed for ease of operation, the M6242's large screen displays a more detailed menu than the previous model. Vital information, including test time and temperature along with visualized switches is provided at-a-glance. This makes the system easier for the operator to run and contributes to shorter operation times.

Target Packages BGA, CSP, TSOP1
Simultaneous Testing Up to 512 devices
Throughput 42,200 devices per hour
Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
-55°C to +125°C (optional)