Hadatomo™ Z Photoacoustic Microscope WEL5200


Noninvasive, High-Speed 3D Imaging of Blood Vessels in the Dermis

The HadatomoTM Ζ simultaneously images the oxygen saturation of blood vessels with two wavelengths of optical ultrasound, and images the skin texture, pores, and skin structures such as sebaceous glands with ultrasound.

Multi-modality Imaging

Ultrasound that visualizes the skin structure based on the differences in tissue hardness, and optical ultrasound, which selectively images melanin and blood vessels based on their absorption characteristics, are integrated into one system.

Quasi-real-time imaging

The photoacoustic wave images and the ultrasonic wave images are measured simultaneously, with a minimum measurement time of 70 seconds (Range: 6 mm x 6 mm x 3 mm (depth)) and maximum time of 420 seconds (Range: 9 mm x 9 mm x 3 mm (depth)).

High-resolution images obtained with easy operation

An ultrasonic sensor developed especially for this system provides a high-resolution crosssection view. Focus points can be easily located by observing the cross-section.

Flexible design with easy operation and portability

The compactly designed system, equipped with a measurement unit mounted on a flexible arm, is installed on a system unit with caster wheels, easy to set up to measure various parts of the body.


Applying a small amount of water (acoustic coupling agent) to the measurement area is enough for measurement.
Non-invasive measurement is possible without any contrast agent.

Acquires data for 3-dimensional imaging

Measurement data are displayed as 2-dimensional cross-section images in real-time, and acquisition of 3-dimensional data images is possible. 3-dimensional image analysis is possible with customer-provided rendering software.